Dear Parents


First of all, we want to thank you for the opportunity to work with your young adult. We are honored that you would consider allowing us the chance to take them out and give them an experience that will change them forever.

You've obviously done something right by training them up to think of others and how they can make a difference with their lives. Please know that we believe in their ability to change the world they touch as well.


We realize that it can also be a bit daunting to send your child out of the home and we understand that it can be difficult after you've poured so much into them. A person's first few years out of high school can be one of the most affecting times of life, often shaping and enforcing belief systems that they will carry with them forever. We can't wait to share in the development of your young adult and help them to gain confidence in themselves and their faith.

We understand our responsibilities to be as follows:

• to provide a mission where each student will be challenged in their faith

• to provide a mission where each student can and will make a difference in someone's life

• to provide each student with food and lodging regardless of where they will be in the world

• to encourage each student to remain in contact with you throughout the training and mission

• to contact you in case of any severe situation regarding your child or the team


We believe strongly that experience can be the best teacher in a young person's life. God has called us to preach the Gospel to all people and yet so often we remain silent. It is our belief that young people can, through experience and training, accomplish God's purpose of spreading the His good news.

While they are doing this, they are establishing a lifestyle that looks for new ways to reach people with the Gospel. They become comfortable sharing their faith because it's not about conquest, it's about sharing life - the very life of God. It's about being a disciple that truly follows in the steps of their Saviour. There is cost involved in discipleship though and often that manifests itself in certain risks to our lifestyles. Seth Barnes, the executive director of Adventures in Missions, wrote a great piece on this. He said:

"The risks involved in a short-term mission experience are many:

• The risk of a possible mishap while traveling

• The risk of being rejected while sharing your faith

• The risk of being vulnerable with your team

• The risk of contracting an illness or having an accident

• The risk of being unprepared to deal with culture shock

• Against these risks we must weigh the risk of not engaging in a short-term mission experience:

• Students will grow up with a narrow, self-centered worldview.

• No one will share Christ with the lost.

• Students will inherit a lukewarm Christianity.

• Materialism will never be challenged.

• Students will live their lives as takers, not givers."

We accept responsibility to manage risks as closely as possible while giving young adults the opportunity to do things they've never done before thereby expanding their world.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. Throughout the year, you may hear things from your young adult that we don't know about. We value communication in these instances so that the experience can be addressed and/or rectified for the sake of the student's development. We love questions! Please feel free to contact our office if you would like more information than is found here on this website.