This year has been an exceptional year for LifeFORCE UK. First off, we had a fantastic training camp here in England! Our staff and students were a mix of Canadian and British students training on two teams: One destined for Canada and the other for Spain and Malta. As well, we had an excellent year here with a LifeFORCE team from Canada that travelled across the UK, from Scotland to Wales to England. Overall, it has easily been our best, most encouraging year for our new LifeFORCE base here in the UK and we have been very blessed to see our students grow in their walk with the Lord, encourage others in their own walks, and start many more on a path with Jesus Christ!

Our second program, Project Gambia has also had a very exciting year as well! We took two new schools to The Gambia in West Africa to work with a Christian ministry there that runs five schools. The groups of staff, students and volunteers spend a week running activities in the schools, refurbishing and improving the classrooms, and donating all kinds of supplies to them and the communities. Many of the students from the Gambian schools are now being sponsored by students from our program.

Word about the program has continued to spread and more schools here in the UK have expressed interest in participating, as well as other schools and facilities for students that are deemed “high risk” due to their behavioural problems. More and more schools, students, and families are seeing the benefits of this program and are endorsing it.

What has been most exciting for us, however, is that more and more people are coming face to face with faith. The majority of the people we take on Project Gambia are not Christians, in fact, many of them would say they do not even believe in God. But when given this opportunity to work alongside Christians in The Gambia, to see how their faith is a part of their everyday life, and to see the unity and love these African Christians have for one another – many of our participants have been greatly impacted by this. We’ve seen some in our groups make personal decisions for Christ, some deepen in their own faith that they once took for granted, and others just open up to the possibility that there is in fact a God! Overall, at this point in the program, everyone who has come on Project Gambia has had the Gospel told to them personally and they have heard countless testimonies of how Jesus has changed lives!

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