LifeFORCE: Who We Are

LifeFORCE is a missions program that is passionate about giving adventurous Christian young adults opportunities to grow spiritually while actively sharing their faith.  If you love learning on the go and have a heart to make a difference in someone else's life, you need to consider joining one of our teams.

A: Program Description

The LifeFORCE program is divided into two phases: Training and Mission.

1. Training

All LifeFORCE students are trained for a period of nine weeks, from mid-October to mid-December. The purpose of Training is to prepare as best as possible for the mission.

The mornings are typically spent in the classroom learning from various staff and local ministers. The topics include studies on several books of the Bible, character development, as well as many others. The afternoons are generally devoted to working with your team and developing presentations for our high school ministry. Every week we take an afternoon to get involved in some type of practical ministry in the city of Calgary as well.

Training ends with a commissioning service. This is a powerful time, where the Spirit of God will approve, anoint and send out our teams. This special time is a terrific spring board for missions.

After a two-week Christmas break, the teams have one more week to prepare and then leave for their mission. Teams travel from January until May.

2. Mission

The look and feel of your mission will depend on where it is that your team is going.

National teams: These teams travel across Canada, ministering in a local community alongside one of our church contacts for a week or two at a time. Typically, we are involved in public school presentations, youth groups, Bible studies, outreaches and church services.

International teams: These teams will minister alongside local ministries with whom we have established relationships. Depending on the team, you may be involved in public school presentations, youth groups, building projects, outreaches, and any number of different types of ministry. To see what teams we're currently running for this year, click here.

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